D.C.’s Glamourina Apparel Company Is ‘Hitting The Mark’ With Activewear


Who says you can’t work out, be chic and comfortable, and fashionably celebrate your cultural ancestry? Glamourina, that’s who. Founded by Kia Phillips and Nekol Gaskins, Glamourina is an active apparel brand that is ‘running’ towards changing the athletic industry with its unique cultural activewear for all body types.

“The most rewarding part is really seeing our business come to life,” said Gaskins. “We are seeing women of color happy and inspired to work out. Anything active that people are doing in our apparel makes us feel good. People are really gravitating towards what we are doing.”

Phillips and Gaskins are the creators of an Afro-inspired activewear called The Glamourina Culture Collection. The “athleisure line” was launched February 1, 2019. Through their clothing line, Phillips and Gaskins are looking to bring a new flavor to activewear with their clothing’s ‘unique tapestries and blends of melanin inspired vibrations.’

A model wearing the 2019 Glamourina Culture Collection's ‘Ghanima Green Leggings'.

A model wearing the 2019 Glamourina Culture Collection’s ‘Ghanima Green Leggings’.

“We launched our first collection in 2017,” said Gaskins. “We are doing well and have gotten a lot of great feedback. We have customers all over the United States and have been featured in several publications and Essence Online. We have done very well and are about to start our third collection.”

The two were motivated to start the line by their belief that activewear for culturally-conscious woman was lacking. The entrepreneurs also wanted to offer working mothers a quality product that was inspiring, and uplifting, while also paying homage to their ancestors.

The co-owners noted that the activewear market has seen much growth throughout the years with the growing importance of work life balance becoming a priority. Their garments are made especially for women that are constantly moving, whether working out or running errands.The comfortable apparel can be transitioned from day-to-night for stylish, versatile fashion options. Phillips and Gaskins also said the performance legging’s unique technology and breathable mesh fabric keep its wearer cool.

Through Glamourina, Phillips and Gaskins are also seeking to inspire women to demand more from the marketplace when making buying decisions. While several brands offer fashionable leggings at premium prices, the two say their company offers women a cultural experience, while also fashion forwarding into a future of unity and style.

Gaskins grew up in Washington, D.C., while Phillips was the child of a military family, and traveled all over. Both have always been interested in fashion. Phillips is 33-years-old and Gaskins is 28. The two say that the company’s uniqueness and versatility are reflected in each piece.

“We are really proud of our business,” said Phillips, who is a personal trainer. “We hope to pass this business down to our daughters and show them they can be great. This business gives us an opportunity to support and motivate each other, and celebrate our body types. We provide unique, cultural pieces that are chic, long lasting, and of good quality.”

Both feel that the company reminds “fashion lovers it’s ok to stand out rather than stand in”, and that their garments bring a contemporary feel into the marketplace. They are looking to expand their line, and become a global company.

“We really want this brand to be known worldwide,” said Gaskins. “We are also looking to expand to include men and children’s activewear in the future.”

Glamourina co-founder Kia Phillips ‘yoga posing’ in the 2019 Glamourina Culture Collection’s ‘Rehani Red Leggings’.

Glamourina co-founder Kia Phillips ‘yoga posing’ in the 2019 Glamourina Culture Collection’s ‘Rehani Red Leggings’.

For more information about Glamourina, visit www.instagram.com/shopglamourina.