The Greatest ‘Present’ Of All


It’s the holiday season again and for most of us this means exchanging presents galore from family, friends and colleagues from work. Many of us associate the word “present” as a gift of some kind but fail to make the connection of the root word, which is “present.” The definition of present can have multiple meanings but the one I am referring to is, the present moment of time.

The greatest gift has already been given to us and should we choose to receive it— is each present moment of our life. We don’t have to spend hours in the mall to find it or use Amazon Prime to ship it either; it’s already given to us each day that we wake up.

Living from day-to-day, it can be difficult to stop and think to yourself, am I taking full advantage of this current experience occurring in my life at this very moment? Am I living fully and being mindful in the present? Am I truly taking advantage of the greatest present of all?

Our brain tends to naturally relive the past while also daydreaming about the future. It’s a relatively easy state to gravitate towards because of deeply

ingrained human instincts. We are creatures of habit and once we continue to live every day like this we can easily forget what it feels like to be fully and consciously aware of what’s happening currently in the present moment. Many of us may not even realize it but the tendency to consistently live in the past and future can leave us worn out and feeling out of touch with ourselves.

Essentially, by not living in the present we become victims of time. It’s imperative to remain in touch with ourselves and live in the present moment to ensure we are taking advantage of everything life has to offer.

If you have ever consciously paid attention to your thoughts then you will not be surprised to learn that the average human has about 60,000 thoughts per day. While we are at work, we think about our next vacation; and while we are on vacation, we worry about the work and emails pilling up on our desks.

We need to start living more in the moment and start practicing mindfulness— a state of active, open and intentional attention to the present. When we become more mindful, we start to realize that we are not our thoughts but an observer of your thoughts. Mindfulness involves being with our thoughts as they are without either pushing them away or holding on to them. Instead of letting your life go by without living it you will be awakened to fully experience it.

Reportedly, practicing mindfulness or living in the present helps us to become more content. It is also said to help to reduce stress; boost immune functioning; reduce chronic pain; lower blood pressure; and it also helps patients cope with serious illness. It’s even been said that practicing mindfulness may reduce the risk of heart disease.

As you continue to receive gifts this holiday season don’t forget that the greatest present off all has already been given to you. Align yourself to your current present of time to take full advantage of your life and everything in it.

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