Hometown Reads: A New Place To Discover Great Reads


— While many book-lovers depend on recommendations from friends to find great books, Annapolis readers have a new web-based resource available that will connect them to authors from the Annapolis area.

Readers can discover books from Annapolis authors at https://hometownreads.com/city/Annapolis with books from many genres— something for every reader’s interests.

Hometown Reads wants to fuel literacy in local areas while tapping into people’s desires to embrace everything local. If you shop local, go one more step and read local. Hometown Reads’ digital bookshelf means you can browse books from your local area easily.

Additionally, Hometown Reads seeks to identify more authors to feature on the site. Authors can sign up to have their books featured for free at hometownreads.com/join.

“Hometown Reads can help break through the publishing noise,” said Annapolis author, Jennifer Klepper. “Providing exposure for local authors and supporting the initiation of local literary events for readers, authors, libraries, and bookstores.”

Becky Robinson, founder of Hometown Reads, pointed out that the program is the first of its kind. “Until Hometown Reads, there was no way to harness the power of online connection to introduce authors and readers living in the very same zip code,” she said.

Already, the Hometown Reads website showcases over 6000 books—a local work to suit every reader’s taste.

Currently featured titles from Annapolis include:

●A Giraffe Past Bedtime by Missy Hodges of Gambrills, Md.

●Inn Significant by Stephanie Verni of Annapolis, Md.

●Marine Air Group 25 and SCAT by William Armstrong of Frederick, Md.

●Unbroken Threads by Jennifer Klepper of Annapolis, Md.

●What Though the Odds by Haley Scott DeMaria of Annapolis, Md.

In addition to showcasing Annapolis authors, Hometown Reads also features authors from Boston, Chicago, Detroit and Los Angeles and over 115 other locations across the country.

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