Finding Happiness And Success Through Daily Habits


As we get older, we tend to discover things about ourselves along the way— like what makes us happy; what makes us sad; what are our truest passions and our deepest desires.

Many of these discoveries take time, but I believe that humans have an innate desire for more. Humans consistently search for achievement and steadily crave progress to reach a peak mentally, of what I like to call happiness and fulfillment— the highest of high.

Scientifically, this happens when neurotransmitters or the brain’s happy chemicals— dopamine and serotonin are released into the brain. Reaching your mental peak relies on many factors but one of the most influential is deeply embedded in our daily habits. Anything that you desire, whether it be material success, happiness, fulfillment or personal enlightenment lies in small things done repeatedly over long periods of time.

Let’s get one thing straight first and foremost— our brain is not designed to ensure our happiness, it’s designed to ensure our survival. It’s designed for reproduction, eating and sleeping. Anything else is extra credit, as I like to say.

Attaining happiness and personal fulfillment or whatever that may look like for you— is your job, and your job only. When I say this, I mean the true underpinnings of your success and happiness comes from you.

We cannot simply rely on our body and our mind to give us what we want, we must tell it. Our quest for happiness, success and fulfillment relies on our desire and the discipline to achieve and maintain our goals.

To ensure that I am clear: you can’t just expect to become happy the same way that your body unconsciously becomes hungry. Happy people choose happiness; successful people choose success; and people who are fulfilled have cultivated consistent habits, which allowed them to reach their fulfilled state. You must intentionally focus on your desires consistently to achieve them.

As a self-empowerment workshop curator for Positively Caviar, Inc., it’s my job to gather knowledge about how the body and mind operate so that I can educate, motivate and inspire youth to reach their fullest potential. I have researched from neuroscience to psychology, genetics to meditation, and even spirituality to gain insights into the human experience. Again, the clearest message I gathered from my research rests upon our daily habits. Our brain is constantly changing to meet our needs and desires.

In the book “Hardwiring Happiness,” author Rick Hanson explains, “Whatever we repeatedly sense and feel and want and think, is slowly but surely sculpting [the] neural structure [of our brains].”

All of things we do on a consistent basis has an extreme impact on our brain through a process known as neuroplasticity. This process is the brain’s ability to reorganize itself and form new neural pathways that make you, you.

We have more power than we think and it remains up to us to choose this power and push ourselves to reach the highest highs. This tough mental shift maybe difficult at first, but it’s absolutely necessary to realize that happiness and success in life are not automatically endowed upon us.

These things won’t come to you on a silver platter. You have to consciously want them. You must make a conscious choice and have a strong desire, which should be part of your daily habits.

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