BGE Offers Safety And Preparation Tips Ahead Of Hurricane Florence


— BGE says the safety of its customers and communities is always their top priority. Customers are encouraged to prepare and also stay safe during severe weather events:

Preparation tips:

  1. •Have flashlights with fresh batteries on each floor of your home.
  2. •Keep a supply of bottled water and easy-to-prepare, non-perishable foods available.
  3. •Charge cell phones and other mobile devices in advance.
  4. •Have an updated emergency supply kit. Keep a portable radio or TV, or NOAA weather radio (with batteries) on hand to monitor weather forecasts and official information.

Safety tips:

  1. •Stay away from downed wires and assume any downed wire or damaged electric equipment is energized.
  2. •Do not to enter basements that are flooded, because water at certain levels can be energized.
  3. •Stay away from any flood-covered electric equipment in neighborhoods, even if there is no electricity in the area.
  4. •When using a personal generator, never keep it indoors or inside an attached garage. A portable generator is an internal combustion engine that
  5. exhausts a deadly gas called carbon monoxide or CO.
  6. •Do not connect a generator directly to the home’s wiring. If a generator is plugged into the electrical circuits of a home, power can back-feed onto the local energy grid and cause severe injuries.
  7. •Identify a safe alternate location to stay in case of an extended outage. This is especially important for customers who need power for critical medical equipment.
  8. •Monitor news and social media for the latest weather and emergency information and follow the advice of local emergency management officials.

Customers may report outages and downed wires by calling 877-778-2222, on and through mobile devices.