Coppin Academy Principal Named Principal Of The Year For Baltimore City


— Coppin Academy High School Principal, Aisha Almond was named Principal of the Year for Baltimore City. The recognition was bestowed by the College Bound Foundation (CBF), at the 30th Annual Scholars’ Luncheon.

Coppin Academy is a Baltimore City public, charter high school located on the campus of Coppin State University.

The College Bound Foundation was established 30 years ago by the Baltimoreans United in Leadership Development (BUILD) and the Greater Baltimore Committee (GBC) to help, “Baltimore City public high school students navigate the path to and through college.”

Principal Aisha Almond was among 1000 guest at the annual luncheon when CBF’s Executive Director, Cassie Motz began to list the qualities of Principal of the Year for Baltimore City, before the surprise announcement that Almond was this year’s recipient.

Although Almond has been dedicated to college readiness for her students since she became principal of Coppin Academy High School in 2013, she was surprised to receive the award.

“I heard all of these wonderful qualities listed to describe Principal of the Year,” Almond said. “And then they called my name!”

The award should not have been a surprise.

“We have been watching Principal Almond for a few years now,” said Jimmy Tadlock, program director for the Baltimore College Foundation. “We believe she is a leader in college access. Principal Almond makes certain that her staff and parents have the tools to support Coppin Academy students in college readiness.”

For her part, Principal Almond’s goal is for her students to leave Coppin Academy High School with the confidence to go out in the world and complete college because they have received the skills necessary to do so.

Principal Almond offers two pieces of advice as a part of her recipe for success. She encourages supporters of young people to be interested in what that young people are interested in doing.

“Show up and support them, even if they say they no. They want you there,” Almond said.

She also says not to worry about things that are out of your control.

Principal Almond is a Coppin State University Class of 1999 education major.