Two Faced President


As a Conservative Independent, I agree with some of Trump’s domestic policies, but Trump is two faced concerning foreign trade.

President Trump harassed and threatened Harley Davidson because they are moving their foreign production overseas in response to the imposition of the Trump tariffs. He has railed against other U.S. companies who have moved facilities to foreign countries.

Trump’s trade war with China might eventually even out the trade imbalance with China, but it might lead to China establishing trade deals with other countries and the permanent loss of revenue to U.S. companies and farmers.

Trump has businesses all over the world producing his products.

Trump shirts have been made in China, Bangladesh, Honduras and Vietnam. Some of Trump’s suits came from Indonesia. His eyeglasses are from China. Some furniture emanates from Turkey. Trump flags and hats are made in China.

Many of the Trump hotel products manufactured overseas, include pens, shampoo, body wash, moisturizers, shower caps, laundry bags, pet products and bath towels from China.

Trump’s outsourcing is inconsistent with his attacks on U.S. companies manufacturing products overseas. He is two faced and does not practice what he preaches. I will not vote for him again