Legacy Of Maya Angelou Carries On With African American Expressions And Caged Bird Legacy LLC Partnership


African American Expressions, America’s largest black-owned gift and greeting-card-company has joined forces with Guy Johnson, the son of the late Dr. Angelou, to create a curated line of products that honor the indelible power of her words.

Dr. Maya Angelou had a spirit full of love and hope. The power of her words and the stories she told were precious gifts given to us all. Now with the help of Caged Bird Legacy LLC, African American Expressions has created a multitude of products just in time for that wonderful time of the year, the Holiday season.

Featuring products such as the “Still I Rise” calendar from AAE’s best-selling series, to journals that will inspire you to write your own story. From the tote bag to carry a heavy load, home décor to remind you of your strength, and the first ever Christmas card with words from Dr. Angelou’s ‘Amazing Peace’ poem, these items are almost certain to disappear off the shelves as soon as they make their debut.

“Legacy is so important. Dr. Angelou empowered so many with her words of love, courage, and hope. With that in mind we created a line of products that not only reflected the beauty of her remarkable spirit, but products that allow everyone the chance to give that special someone the gift of her words,” said Greg Perkins, CEO of African American Expressions

The products will soon be available at various brick and mortar shelves around the world. However, for a sneak peak at the full line of Dr. Angelou products, as well as over 100 additional new products, visit: www.black-cards.com. The website will be updated with the products available for pre-order.