Learning to walk rather than run!


There comes a time in everyone’s life when you should walk not run. Surprisingly, this is not an easy task but it’s something that everyone can learn to do.

At some point in life, you may begin to ask yourself what is your purpose? There is no shame in struggling with this question because this is what it means to be human. Our ability to have thoughts about our thoughts, is the cornerstone of a deeper level of understanding and yearning for knowledge.

Learning to allow our minds to slow down so we can think critically about things in our lives is a unique skill that must be purposefully honed.

Taking the time to walk rather than run allows us to see the world a little differently. The next time you have a conversation with someone, try to listen to every word they say so you may understand and can make a real connection during that conversation. When you eat your next meal, savor every single bite and allow your whole body to feel nourished by the meal. Walk outside, close your eyes and listen to the earth and hear all the life that is around you. Walk through the streets and feel the love that surrounds you, it is a love for life and a love for each other.

There are many ways to walk instead of run in life. Take a few extras seconds to be in the moment and really appreciate all that is happening around you. Never forget that the life you live is a gift and if the circumstances of your life are not to your liking, then use the power within you to change them.

This may mean giving up some things, like time or energy, but the universe will reward you with what you seek. Don’t let the world’s idea of immediate gratification lead you astray from your path— good things take time and great things take longer.

Even though there is an abundance of positivity around the world, you may not always be surrounded by it. The ability to be your own source for a pick me up will come in time, learn to think in terms of gratitude for the little things. This can be difficult at times but it is possible for anyone, since a great power lies within all of us. Be grateful, not just for the good things but for all facets of your life. When you wake up look in the mirror and just be thankful that you have more life to live.

Make the most of your time and your energy, surround yourself with others who will push you to do better, and go make it happen. Because no matter how much money or success you acquire, you will never have enough of it to turn back time. So, go out into the world and make each moment count. These moments are what will make you who you are, and will make life such an amazing and precious gift.

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