Father-Daughter Team Expands Black-Owned Potato Chip Brand Throughout Metro Atlanta’s Wayfield Foods Stores


There are only a handful of existing black-owned potato chip brands in the world, and one of them has found a home throughout the metro Atlanta-based Wayfield Foods store chain on March 17, 2018. Known as Symphony Chips, this black-owned potato chip brand is led by Dondre Anderson and his teenage daughters, Amina (15) and Amari (14). In celebration of their Wayfield Foods debut, the father-daughter team provided Symphony Chips samples to customers at the Wayfield Foods store location at 3050 Martin Luther King Jr Drive. Customer feedback received was overwhelmingly positive.

“They’re good! Well seasoned. A very good chip!” states a customer at Symphony Chips’ debut at Wayfield Foods.

Since gaining coverage from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution last Fall, Anderson has been busy with expanding the Symphony Chips business from the internet and onto retail shelves, and all efforts are finally paying off thanks to the enormous support from Wayfield’s Board Member, Moses White. White, who facilitated the partnership between Wayfield Foods and Symphony Chips, showed his support by stopping by the Andersons’ display with his daughter Racquel White, CEO of Spherol.

“It’s motivating to have gained such a huge amount of support from not just Wayfield and their customers, but the community as a whole,” says Dondre Anderson. “There is a lack of diversity in the mainstream food industry and my daughters and I wish to increase the presence of black-business in the sector, even if only by a little. Our inclusion, we hope, will encourage others in the community to pursue commercial success, regardless of the lack of representation currently present.”

The Anderson Family stationed at their Symphony Chips display in Wayfield Foods on MLK Drive in Atlanta, Georgia

The Anderson Family stationed at their Symphony Chips display in Wayfield Foods on MLK Drive in Atlanta, Georgia

“I’m very proud to have this opportunity to introduce Symphony Chips to Wayfield Foods. Symphony Chips offers a gluten-free alternative with a gourmet taste. And supporting a minority, small business in our community where the owner Dondre Anderson includes his daughters Amina and Amari is divine order,” said Wayfield Foods Board Member Moses White. “Wayfield loves to support businesses from our community and encourages all of our customers to help make Symphony Chips a grand success.”

The idea for Symphony Chips began as a way to promote the Anderson Family’s primary business, All A’s Spices seasonings. As a base for potential buyers to sample the seasoning, homemade chips were used and were so well received that the family decided to establish a whole new product – Symphony Chips. Now Anderson is eager to increase the reach of these gluten-free, all-natural, low-sodium chips to low-income, health-conscious consumers as well as mainstream consumers across the country.

“I never expected that a little cooking in the kitchen with my daughters would turn into something much more than anticipated,” says Anderson. “Becoming one of the few black-owned potato chip businesses in the world is a grand honor, and I’m excited to have introduced my daughters to this level of entrepreneurship while during their youth.”

“Working a business with my dad and sister is really exciting,” says Amina, age 15. “It’s really cool to have gained such professional experience at this age, and I’m really excited about what the future holds for us. I bet it would look good on my resume!”