Letters to the Editor: Re: A Preventable Shooting Tragedy


The Parkland, Florida, shooter had a history of violent behavior. Police were called to his house many times but they did not arrest him because the school board had an agreement with the police not to arrest any students.

The FBI received a viable tip indicating he wanted to shoot up a school, but the lead was not pursued.

The following are incredible: A student saw the shooter in a stairway loading his rifle but did nothing to try to stop him when told “things are going to get messy around here.”

The student left the building, did not call 911, but informed a teacher. The teacher drove the student to a baseball field, and then went back to the school to check it out, but the shooting had started.

Why did the armed deputy sheriff assigned to protect the school stand around during the shooting? If true, why did three police officers arrive at the school and take cover behind their vehicles, and not enter the school?

Arming teachers who are not trained to be police officers could be disastrous. What happens when a police officer enters a school during a shooting and encounters a teacher with a gun?

We should increase the age to purchase a firearm to 21. Most school shooters are under 21. We have to improve the background check system. Schools need to lock all entrances and install shatterproof glass and alarms. A heavily armed security guard should be stationed in every school.