AFRO Strengthens Digital Efforts


— After more than a year of careful planning, the AFRO American Newspapers Company is currently in the process of completing the relocation of its Baltimore principal offices to a more efficient venue.

The transition to a new location was driven by the 125-year-old newspaper’s need to facilitate the evolution of its newspaper business from a paper based operation to a more digitally focused one that disseminates news by using many of the new technological ways people are currently absorbing their news. The planned sale of the AFRO’s existing location was completed on October 30.

“Over the past 5 years we have come to recognize that the changes wrought by this “digital revolution” have resulted in a reduction in the amount of office space required for our continuing operations”, said Jake Oliver, AFRO CEO and Publisher.

“Beginning in the first week of November, we are initiating the move to our new location at 1531 South Edgewood Street (Caton 95 Office Park). All aspects of the move will be completed by November 30”.

“We are excited about the opportunities operating in a more cohesive setting will provide us as we explore the many technologies the digital environment is continuously unveiling for improving and growing our digital reach to AFRO readers across the United States and around the world.”

The AFRO will continue to publish in print and online with no interruption of service to its readers or advertisers throughout the period of its move to the new location.

The AFRO American Newspaper is the longest-running African-American family-owned newspaper in the nation and has an average weekly reach to over 1 million readers across the globe via its print, web, and social media outlets.

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