Time is the ultimate currency


The things that mean the most usually take the least time, 10 minutes to meditate, saying thank you, smiling at stranger or going for a walk. There are just a few examples of things that are really important to the well being of the mind often referred to as practicing “Mindfulness.” None of these things cost money, but they bring so much value to a person’s life, and can do the same for yours.

We live in a time where our minds are constantly being bombarded with information, attempting to monopolize our attention and influence our thoughts. Finding balance can at times be tough, but there are many different techniques that can help strengthen the mind.

Technology has helped us to discover so many things, but sometimes you need to cut it off and take a break. Modern technology has gained such a presence in our lives that it’s easy to become addicted to social media and smartphone use to the point it starts impacting our relaxation and sleep. In turn, this can cause even more stress to build up through the day, resulting in a cycle of stress accumulation.

When we procrastinate and distract ourselves with all the pings and notifications of technology, we can at times avoid engaging with ourselves and our lives.

Experiencing stressful events cannot always be avoided but we all have the power to change our lives at any moment, and understanding stress triggers is the beginning.

Thoughts change our reality, taking the time to practice mindfulness can not only change the biochemistry of our body, but also change the structuring of our brains. There have even been studies done to support this, one such study was an eight-week mindfulness meditation program that appeared to make measurable changes in brain regions associated with memory, sense of self, empathy, and stress.

The part of the brain that is most talked about when discussing mindfulness and strengthening the brain is the grey matter, which serves to process information in the brain. This gray matter in the brain has been shown to decrease due to increase in age as well as mental illness, leading to things like difficulty with memory. The practice of mindfulness may help to combat the process of gray matter decline and strengthen your mental capacity.

The mind is a muscle just like every other muscle in our bodies, so why would we not want to strengthen it when there is so much information out there to proving that the neural systems are modifiable networks and changes in the neural structure can occur as a result of training. Finding the time to take care

of our bodies is very important, even the parts that we cannot see. Once we learn to use the power of positivity and mindfulness, we can begin the live and even more fulfilling life.

So if you can find the time, even if it’s just for five to 10 minutes, cut yourself off from technology and experience the wonders of nature and self— your mind, body and spirit will thank you later.

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