MD residents encouraged to create storm preparation kits


— AdvantaClean, the nation’s leader in storm preparation and emergency storm response along with local experts in the area have put together tips on building a Hurricane Emergency Kit. Hurricane Irma’s path is unpredictable, so it’s imperative that local families get this project done now.

Things To Do Now:

•Test battery powered radios, flashlights, and other battery-operated electronics to make sure they are working. Buy fresh batteries.

•Gather candles and matches. Store in Mason Jars or baggies, to keep dry.

•Set up a contact network among family members so information can be centralized.

•Check local evacuation routes, store in phone, and make paper copies.

•Gather important documents, and place in waterproof pouch.

Immediate Hurricane Prep Tips:

•Stock a three-day supply of water and non-perishable food items.

•Fill up car (power from car can charge electronic devices).

•Know emergency evacuation routes

•Make a family contact list.

Place items below in a five-gallon bucket for portability/accessibility



•Battery powered, or hand crank radio

•Extra batteries

•Cell phone/chargers

•First aid kit

•Extra cash

•All medications


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