Annapolis Clothiers Styling for Weddings, NBA Players


When the Philadelphia 76ers selected Maryland native Markelle Fultz as the No. 1 overall pick in this year’s NBA draft, there is little doubt that many noticed the custom-made gray pinstriped suit, he sported.

What the millions of viewers who watched the NBA draft in June probably didn’t know was that the suit was crafted by Brett and Angie Hovington, owners of Capital Custom Clothiers in Annapolis.

The clothiers pride themselves on time-tested measuring techniques they say allows them to get the perfect fit for their clients.

Dennis Roberts

Their hand-cut and hand-stitched garments have led to a strong client base that include individuals like Fultz, a 2016 McDonald’s All-American who starred at DeMatha Catholic School in Hyattsville.

“We provide professional business attire and formalwear. A strong client service ethos combined with energy and creativity have built Capital Custom Clothiers into one of the leading brands of custom clothing in Maryland,” said Brett Hovington, who’s originally from Pennsylvania. “We provide three primary points of interest to our clients: Education, Consultation and Professional Services.”

“Markelle Fultz probably would not use the word superstar to describe himself; he’s one of the most humble young men whose ever crossed our threshold at Capital Custom Clothiers,” Hovington said. “We were fortunate to dress Markelle for the 2017 Draft Day and also for Press Day. We were honored to get to know him, his mother and trainer and we could not be happier for them.”

Hovington and his wife, who is from Virginia, worked for the government for many years – she left early to care for the family while he retired five years ago.

“My wife has always been into fashion and, I too, enjoy looking dapper on occasion so we stepped out on faith and haven’t look back,” Hovington said.

“Our business started as an in-home business and we have been in the custom clothing industry for over 25 years. We have been doing business on Maryland Avenue in Annapolis for about five years now, which is post retirement for me.”

At Capital Custom Clothiers, the Hovingtons make hand-tailored suits, shirts and formal wear. They dress their clients for weddings and other special events while also providing standard tuxedo rentals.

Dennis Roberts

The couple also offer custom alterations and Hovington says their experience and expertise allows them to offer recommendations throughout the entire process thus reducing any stress their client may have.

Among the secrets to their success is community involvement, according to Hovington.

“My wife and I believe that building relationships, old fashioned customer service and giving back to the community are the keys to our success,” he said, adding that “laughter doesn’t hurt” and, as a small business, they don’t chase dollars, they build relationships.

The Hovingtons also are looking toward the future.

“We are looking forward to offering ready-made collections which is important so that we can also cater to those visiting Annapolis which is a destination wedding location,” Hovington said.

The business also offers services in which they cater specifically to the groom with the bride in mind. They hold consultations with the groom and his bride to help them with styling their wedding day while also managing the groom’s attendants from start to finish.

Additionally, Capital Custom Clothiers offers “The Groom’s Place,” where they entertain the groom and his wedding party on the wedding day.

“This is the ideal place for the group to have breakfast, get hot shaves, get dressed, enjoy moments of reflection and meditation, rest and relax with their choice of music and light refreshments,” Hovington said.