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Getting in the Game

I recall in primary school, I didn’t ask too many questions. However, as I matriculated to higher grades, I started asking questions like a reporter. Just like a fifth grader, to move you and your business forward, consider asking the right questions to the right people. Here are some keys to help you get started:

Got Questions What questions can I ask? Well, that depends on what you are trying to achieve. Since this is a business column, consider developing a set of questions that will help you with your self improvement and business growth. Once you have the questions, consider who you will ask the question to. Here are some questions to help you get started:

Self Improvement * What do you consider self improvement tools?

  • What events do you attend for self improvement?
  • What books are you reading or listening to now to help with your self improvement?

Do you have any certifications? Why did you select those certifications? Are you looking to get other certifications? * Tell me about your mentors in business. How did they come to be your mentor?

Business Development * What resources did you use to start your business?

  • How do you remain competitive?
  • What is your morning routine to get your day started?
  • Tell me about your mentors in business. How did they come to be your mentor?
  • What trends do you see in our industry? How do you stay abreast of new trends?
  • What books are you reading or listening to on business development?
  • What conferences do you attend?
  • Who do you bounce ideas off of?
  • What is your go to magazine?

Also, search out books like How Asking the Right Questions Can Help You Step Out of Your Comfort Zone to Find Success by Spider Graham to fine-tune your questions.

Resources to explore Put your questions to the test. Seek out individuals that will help you reach your personal and business goals. You can reach into your network, ask for introductions from other entrepreneurs, attend local and industry events.

Next step Now that you have this information, what action will you take. If you are ready to take action, create a growth journal. I would suggest using pen and paper for this exercise as it may be easier to refer to when needed. Instructions for your Growth journal include your skill development at the top of your paper, the name of the person who will be providing you with growth strategies, a date and his/her company. The rest is your conversation and growth tips. Here’s to improving and progressing!

Omar S. Muhammad is an EN-TRE-PRE-NEUR and is the director & entrepreneur for the Entrepreneurial Development & Assistance Center at Morgan State University.
You can reach him at omarsmuhammad@gmail.com.