Tracy Morgan is ‘Alive’ and laughing in new Netflix special


— Tracy Morgan is overcoming tragedy the only way he knows how, through laughter.

The former “30 Rock” star returns to the stage in a new Netflix comedy special, “Tracy Morgan: Staying Alive” — Morgan’s first since a limo he was traveling in was hit by a Walmart truck in June 2014. The crash left Morgan in a coma with a traumatic brain injury and killed his best friend, James McNair.

Nearly three years later, Morgan is telling jokes about his hard won recovery in the standup special.

“I’ve always used my sense of humor as a healing process for me,” Morgan told CNN. “I made fun of [the accident]. I made fun of the whole thing.”

The driver of the Walmart truck was charged with first degree aggravated manslaughter, vehicular homicide and eight counts of aggravated assault. Morgan settled with Walmart and the driver for an undisclosed sum.

“I’d give [the money] all back if I could get Jimmy Mack [McNair] back,” Morgan said. “Since I can’t have my friend back, then I’ll make fun of this.”

Despite the tragedy, Morgan said he considers himself lucky.

“I’ve overcome a lot but there are people out there that are worse off than me, and I have to see it that way,” he said. “I’m doing standup for Netflix, I’m living my life, I’m getting to see my kids grow. There’s people out there with nothing to eat, no water.”

Morgan credits his current health to his supporters and his family.

“I had to fight because they need me. I had to fight. My baby was only 10 months old, she’s my only daughter. I fought hard to come out of that coma … I missed my fans.”

Ending the interview on a sarcastic note, Morgan said you still might catch him strolling the aisles at Walmart.

“Because you still can’t beat their prices!”