Millennials pay it forward with startup


After attending multiple networking events, Ashley Grimes and Destiny jones say they were left unfulfilled and dissatisfied. Because of those repeated experiences, the budding business owners realized that there was a need to establish a platform for female entrepreneurs to continually connect, share information and gain support.

In February, the two founded The Millennial Entrepreneur Network, LLC, which they say will accelerate the advancement of female entrepreneurs with an objective to provide members with the essential tools and connections needed to succeed in the competitive business world.

“Women are already a minority in the business world, therefore it is imperative for them to be educated on how to run a business,” said Grimes, 26, of Randallstown. “My mom would always say when odds are already working in your favor you have to try two times harder to be better than the competition.”

Currently pursuing a master’s in business administration with a concentration in entrepreneurship at Morgan State University, Grimes teamed with Jones, 23, a Baltimore resident and graduate of Salisbury University, where she earned a Bachelor’s of Science in international business and marketing.

“We help aspiring female entrepreneurs to establish a supportive community through powerful connections,” Grimes said. “We encourage, enlighten and empower women to become leaders in the business world.”

The company hosts a series of brunch events for women entrepreneurs that include those from diverse backgrounds and occupations.

“The Millennial Entrepreneur Network, LLC speaks on topics that are relative to entrepreneurs at any stage in business. We also bring speakers that share their failures and successes; and how they got started; and what they have done to sustain in order to enhance the experience,” Grimes said. “Our attendees are able to have an open dialogue through Q &A, have meet and greets after the event is over as well as build their network up through mixing and mingling with other entrepreneurs.”

The company chose brunch because it’s typically cheerful, sociable and insightful, according to Grimes.

“It is talk-compelling. It puts you in good spirits, it makes you satisfied with yourself and your fellow beings, and it sweeps away the worries and cobwebs of the week. Brunch is a communal experience,” Grimes said.

Diversity remains key because of the varying perspectives involved, which is essential in business, she said.

The Millennial Entrepreneur Network, LLC aims to become the premier organization of women serving women in business,

said Grimes, noting that they are already an active and inclusive organization, which fosters professional mentorship, resources and a diverse network of members supporting one another and the business world.

The company prepares young women for success; promotes women entrepreneurship; addresses the barriers to entrepreneurship; and finds solutions by advocating the measures meant to promote women entrepreneurs.

“We are able to ensure positive outcomes through providing members with the appropriate tools in order to develop and grow their business and be successful. We provide our members the opportunity to meet, exchange information and develop business relationships as well as help build profitable relationships,” Grimes said.

The Millennial Entrepreneur Network, LLC will also link members with mentors in their industries as well as have one-on-one strategy meetings with our members. We understand that women’s entrepreneurship is the best way to achieve economic, financial and social impact however; it can be hard being a double minority.

“Women in business encounter unique challenges and we wanted to provide a supportive community that provides the knowledge and skills in order to excel as an entrepreneur in the business world,”she said.