Al Roker helps bring ‘crab walk’ title back to Baltimore


What would college basketball season be without March Madness and Al Roker’s zany weather antics?

Roker recently brought sunny weather and a helping hand to students, faculty, staff and alumni at Loyola University of Maryland’s Baltimore campus where the world’s record for crab walking during Al Roker’s weather broadcast on the North Baltimore campus, recently.

Roker was in town for “Rokerthon 3: Storing Into the Madness,” the third year of a national initiative of fun and celebration launched by NBC to partner Roker with college students across the nation during the NCAA’s Basketball Championship in the name of school spirit at campus across the nation.

Loyola used the event to break the Guinness Book of World Records for having the most people participate in a two-minute crab walk, which was scheduled during Roker’s 8 a.m. weather segment on the “Today Show”. Four hundred and ninety-four members of the Loyola family got down on all fours for two minutes to bring the crab walking record to Maryland— where some say it rightfully belongs. Northwestern University formerly held the crab walking record.

“I think this is just a wonderful thing that our school is able to do,” said JoJo Brame, a junior psychology major, originally from Connecticut.
Brame chose Loyola not only because of the school’s reputation but because she was attracted to the community oriented spirit of Baltimore.

“I love the city of Baltimore, I love the vibe. I think there is a great sense of community here,” Brame said as she cheered on the crab walkers who gathered to break the world record. Loyola was one of only five U.S. colleges and universities chosen to participate in Rokerthon 3.