Entrepreneur Spotlight: Moms as Entrepreneurs:Tammira Lucas (The Cube) & Jasmine Simms (Scrub Nail Boutique)


The Baltimore Times caught up with entrepreneurs Tammira Lucas (The Cube) to discuss her joint business venture with partner Jasmine Simms (Scrub Nail Boutique)–Moms as Entrepreneurs, a coaching business that aims to empower “mom”preneurs in work and life.

What’s your entrepreneurial story?

Jasmine and I (Tammira) knew that moms lacked the resources and motivation needed to start their businesses. Being both moms and entrepreneurs, there were places for entrepreneurs to go but there wasn’t a place where mom entrepreneurs could go for resources that will help them balance mommy-hood and business.

Women owned businesses are increasing but they are still generating less revenue then male owned businesses because they are still worried about family life. We knew that by helping moms we could help build family legacies and change the statistics of women owned businesses.

What products and services do Mom As Entrepreneurs provide?

We offer a podcast for moms to learn business, balance & babies. We also conduct an eight-week entrepreneurship training academy where we take moms from the mindset of a business to actually launching their business. We help moms grow their businesses while balancing family! In the future, we will have an association of mom entrepreneurs. These association will further build the mom entrepreneurship ecosystem while helping mom entrepreneurs do business with each other.

What should working moms know about starting a business in your industry?

Starting a social enterprise is no easy job and one thing an individual should know about starting one is that you need to build a strong supportive network. It really is the only way you can grow or sustain in that industry.

How do you maintain balanced among your personal life and business, and other areas of your life? Having the right people around me helps me stay focus as well as knowing the impact that our business have on families. If it keeps you up at night then it’s worth fighting for.

What are some of your “go to” business resources?

My favorite business tool is my one page business plan. Each time I have a new idea I go to that to help me map out the business idea. My favorite business book is the Start with Why by Simon Sinek.

What are some wise words you live by?

The sky is not the limit; it’s just the beginning! For more information, visit: www.maeentrepreneur.com

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