Concluding Black History Month with “positive stories about positive people”


Hello my dear friends: The wonderful the weather is fit for a wonderful month of the year! Black History Month is one of my favorite months of the year. It encouraged me over 16 years ago to publish my book, African American Entertainment in Baltimore, to preserve the legacy of everyday people in Baltimore —especially Pennsylvania Avenue; a book of positive stories about positive people in pictures. It was and still is a success.

I so enjoy writing about the entertainment community of entertainment; it has given me lots of stories to tell. Well, my dear friends we are not finished yet. To close out Black History Month, I want to tell you about James Hamlin and his family, who built a bakery from the ground up called the Avenue Bakery, located in the heart of Pennsylvania Avenue on the corner of Baker Street. Now six years later, the Avenue Bakery is the first stop on The Pennsylvania Avenue National Heritage Tour, which continues

to attract a robust, eclectic, growing following statewide and regionally of all races and ages. Distinguished for its tasty offering of original Poppay’s Rolls,

heirloom-inspired baked goods. The tour is a museum-quality experience featuring a gallery stroll of archive footage and framed photos that bring the golden era of Pennsylvania Avenue to life under one roof. So my friends, not only does this black-owned bakery have a gallery of famous African American locals on the walls, but the owner is the baker behind

the best out-of-site homemade rolls made right on the premises. They melt in your mouth and would make your mother smile.

Adding to the legacy, James Hamlin invites you all to the unveiling of the photo montage featuring the life and impact of Thurgood Marshal, created by Stuart Hudgins on Friday, Feb. 24, 11

a.m., at the Avenue Bakery. The montage highlights his life and legacy. We will see you there.

The Harlem Gardens Apartments, located at 1700 Edmondson Ave. in Baltimore is having a Black History Celebration with music by Sister Drummers; griot Angela Dobson, and yours

truly will be there for a book signing on Friday, Feb. 24 from 6 to 9 p.m.

Black History Month ends with a jazz concert featuring Dr. Phill Butts Sunset Jazz Quartet with vocalist Denyse Pearson and Reggie Jackson on Sat., Feb. 25, from 6 to 10 p.m. at the Caton Castle Lounge, 20 S. Caton Ave. Cash bar and the kitchen is open serving some dynamite soul food. For more information, call 443-859-0124.

Well, my dear friends, enjoy this beautiful weather, and be kind to each other. I got to go; I am out of space. I will see you somewhere, somehow. Remember, if you need me, call me at 410-833-9474 or email me UNTIL THE NEXT TIME, I’M MUSICALLY YOURS.