‘Full of Love Challenge’ encourages women to push past fears


— Women’s innate ability to love is a super power; one that we give freely, often neglecting our need for that very love from ourselves. Every day, we are


Nakeia Drummond & Jade Merritt, hosts of March 3rd event, Full of Love Meetup

confronted with hundreds, if not thousands of decisions and while many of the things on our to-do lists do not feel like choices at all, ultimately, we have options about who and what we give our energy, our love. When women consistently choose everything else before ourselves, we give permission to the world to do the same. We also risk losing sight of ourselves, either dumping the responsibility of our happiness on someone else or forgoing it altogether.

We can, we must choose differently.

Baltimore-native and entrepreneur Nakeia Drummond has created The Full of Love Challenge, a 14-day call to action for women to commit to giving themselves the love they desire and deserve. Using her social media platforms, Drummond encouraged women to register for the free challenge. Each day, from February 1st through 14th, participants received email messages that included a daily self-loving challenge and prompt for the women to complete. There is also a closed Facebook group for The Full of Love Challenge, where participants have forged a virtual community, sharing experiences, revelations, and inspiration throughout the 14 days. Since the close of this year’s challenge, many testimonials and praise has poured in from the participants and what began, as a one-time initiative, is becoming a sanctuary for women who are choosing to make time and take responsibility for loving themselves.

This year, in light of current events which, Drummond designed the Full of Love Challenge 2.0 to focus on choosing love over fear.

To celebrate this year’s Challenge, Drummond with longtime friend and Baltimore blogger, Jade Merritt and of Charm City Pretty are partnering to host the Full of Love Meet-Up.

The Full of Love Meet-up will take place at Teavolve Café and Lounge on Friday March 3rd at 7p.m.

Nakeia Drummond

The Full of Love Meet-up will take place at Teavolve Café and Lounge on Friday March 3rd at 7p.m.

The Full of Love Meet-Up will offer participants of The Full of Love Challenge and any lady who enjoys surrounding herself in sisterhood to gather in a loving space for fellowship, fun, cocktails, and lots of LOVE. The two-hour event will take place at Teavolve Café and Lounge on Friday, March 3rd at 7:00 p.m., which not by coincidence is also the first Friday of Women’s History Month. The Meet-Up will include a panel discussion entitled “Love HerStory” where women will share stories of triumph over fears, seafood hors d’ oeuvres, sangria, and raffles for charity. The event’s hosts will contribute a portion of proceeds to the ladies at The House of Ruth in the form of personal care items. Attendees will also leave the event with “Love Bags” filled with goodies from local businesses and authors who are graciously partnering as sponsors for the event.

For more information and to purchase tickets to the Full of Love Meet-Up, please visit fulloflovemeetup2017.eventbrite.com.

Nakeia Drummond is the founder of NLD Strategic, LLC. As a process-driven leader, entrepreneur, and educator with 10 years of project management, strategic planning, and change management experience, Drummond uses her expertise in strategy to support her deep passion for creating spaces for professional women to unlock their purposes and live their best lives. In addition to the Full of Love Challenge and Full of Love Meet-Up, she has hosted The Playcation, Baltimore’s only day of play for professional women and is currently developing a women entrepreneur roundtable focused on building collaboration.

For additional information, email ndrummond@nldstrategic.com.