Baltimore Native Provides Healthcare for U.S. Navy Sailors


— A 2009 Patterson High School graduate and Baltimore native is serving in the U.S. Navy at Surface Warfare Medicine Institute (SWMI).

Petty Officer 2nd Class De’Andre Martin serves as a hospital corpsman at the San Diego based training center. According to Navy officials, the institute’s purpose is providing medical education, operational training and certification for medical, dental and fleet personnel ashore and afloat.

“I work as an administrative specalist for the Navy Drug and Alcohol Counselor School,” said Martin. “I enjoy working for the school because I get to see the forefront of Navy medicine.”

The sailors who are part of Navy medicine are the most highly trained, educated and specialized force in history, said Navy officials. The role of Navy medicine in preserving the healthy and fighting readiness of that force has never been greater or more critical.

“The Surface Warfare Medical Institute teaches 13 courses to over 800 students annually,” said Cmdr. Steven Parks, Officer in Charge of the Surface Warfare Medical Institute. “The training we provide enables our Physicians, Nurses, Medical Service Corps Officers, and Corpsman to directly support the Navy and Marine Corps combat teams. The leadership, mentorship and influence that our staff has on our students is second to none.”

Parks added that he is proud that SWMI’s mission will have long lasting positive impact and benefits to Navy Medicine for years to come.

Martin says he feels honored to be able to serve at a command that is continually raising the bar in healthcare.

“My chain of command is extremely open minded to me trying to pursue anything I want to pursue,” said Martin.

Those who serve in Navy medicine understand that they play a key role in meeting the missions of our armed forces, according to Navy officials.

“I am part of the one percent of people who choose to serve,” added Martin. “Serving is a feeling of how America is truly designed to be. You work with everyone hands on no matter what differences you have. I think that is how our society’s standards should be.”