Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance (DBFA) shares holiday season with East Baltimore families


— Families from two Baltimore Curriculum Project schools, Wolfe Street Academy and Govans Elementary School, will enjoy a brighter Holiday season again this year thanks to the generosity of the Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance (DBFA). Since 2008, DBFA has been providing toys, books, games, clothing, bicycles and other gifts for hundreds of Baltimore City families through their Adopt a Family Program.

“For many Baltimore families struggling just to make ends meet, the luxury of purchasing gifts for the holiday season does not exist,” said DBFA Board Member Allison Pendell Jones. “Our program matches families in need to families that can give.”

Wolfe Street Academy has participated in the program for nine years. Last year, DBFA had so many families volunteer to buy presents, that they were able to add Govans Elementary to the program.

“The program was originally going to provide one $40 gift for each child, but the donors go all out!” said Wolfe Street Academy Community School Coordinator Connie Phelps.

On the weekend of December 9th an army of DBFA volunteer “elves” will descend on Govans Elementary, Wolfe Street Academy, Margaret Brent Elementary School, and Waverly Elementary School to help school staff receive and distribute gifts for 300 families.

“It is such a pleasure to meet families from all over the city who care enough to share their holiday blessings,” said BCP Executive Vice President Larry Schugam.

“We are so grateful to DBFA for making this possible.”