Tulsa officer’s emotional post after NC, OK police shootings


As a second night of protests rent the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, a police officer from another town feeling the pain of an officer-involved shooting wrote an emotional and compassionate plea on Facebook.

Popsey Floyd is an officer at the Tulsa Police Department. Last week, the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black man, Terence Crutcher, sparked mourning and discontent in his city.

Floyd’s words tried to cut through the air of uncertainty.

“I work for you. I will protect you,” he writes. “I know you may be upset about the recent events all over the country and now here in Tulsa. I don’t have the answers that you are looking for, but I will continue to be the solution.”

Floyd also suggested that those who wish to see a change in their police force should consider being a part of it.

“The Tulsa police department is hiring. If you believe that change is required, please join the department and be the change that you are seeking.”

His post has been shared more than 3,000 times and residents and complete strangers are leaving comments of support.

“I can’t speak for everyone but I have seen the impact [you] have made downtown!” someone wrote. “It is an honor to know [you].”

“Peace be with you as you continue to protect my hometown,” wrote another.

Floyd told CNN affiliate KJRH that he knows what it’s like to be afraid or mistrustful.

“I grew up thinking you had to be scared of the police just based on stories that I heard,” he said.

He also said it’s difficult, as an officer who truly cares about people, to watch the pain Tulsa and its citizens are enduring.

“I read the posts. It affects me. I have kids, I have a wife and it affects me,” he said. “So I want [people] to know that…things go on in the world, you know. We listen, we pay attention, and we support you.”