LETTER: Dangerous Donald Trump



Re: Dangerous Donald Trump

Dangerous Donald Trump (DDT) might be a threat to our viability. He could try to assume dictatorial powers and abolish the Constitution, Congress and the Supreme Court. Some of his supporters are far right extremists. His candidacy is reminiscent of the Fascists in Germany, Italy, and Japan during the 1930s and 1940s.

DDT has unwittingly proposed to pull our troops out of South Korea and Japan if they do not pay for our aid. This will open up the Far East to Chinese and North Korean expansion. He might try to abandon NATO, thereby enabling Russian expansion in Europe. Trump doesn’t have a problem with countries acquiring nuclear weapons. He even encouraged Russia to spy on Clinton. DDT’s blunders could lead to miscalculations by totalitarian regimes and increase the possibility of war. Amazingly, he says he knows more about ISIS than our generals.

DDT appears to be unstable, shallow and disorganized, and he does not have the requisite knowledge or understanding of U.S. and world affairs, nor the intellectual capacity, to be President and Commander-In-Chief.

Vote for the socially liberal and fiscally conservative Libertarian ticket of Johnson/Weld.

Donald Moskowitz

Former AG2 and LT, U.S. Navy.

Londonderry, NH