FSU football player wins hearts sharing lunch


Travis Rudolph is a wide receiver at Florida State University. In a school lunchroom, he could probably sit anywhere he wanted, and it would automatically become the cool kids’ table.

During a recent visit to Montford Middle School in Tallahassee, Florida, Rudolph decided to sit with Bo Paske. The boy has autism and often eats lunch alone, according to his mother, Leah. When some of the FSU players stopped by the school, Rudolph was moved to make a new friend.

The moment was captured by an admiring adult, who shared it with Leah Paske.

“I had tears streaming down my face,” Paske wrote in a viral Facebook post. “I’m not sure what exactly made this incredibly kind man share a lunch table with my son, but I’m happy to say that it will not soon be forgotten. This is one day I didn’t have to worry if my sweet boy ate lunch alone, because he sat across from someone who is a hero in many eyes.”

If that wasn’t satisfying enough, Rudolph provided a touching follow-up. “Those kids, they really do look up to us, and I remember being in that position not too long ago,” he told a reporter for Florida State. “And I feel like, one person can make a difference, and maybe I’m that difference.”

College football season is about to start, and it’s a fair bet to say the Seminoles will have a few new fans rooting for them.