Tips for back-to-school reading and beyond


— As summer comes to a close, it can be hard for both kids and adults to get back into an academic mindset. Whether you’re a parent that’s dreading the start of the school rush or struggling to help your children rediscover reading success, the trick is to plan ahead.

“Identify strategies and approaches to stay organized to help ease your child seamlessly back into a reading and learning mindset,” says Christine Willig, President of McGraw-Hill Education’s School Group. “Savvy parents use the week or two before school begins to give kids a jumpstart on refreshing their reading skills, and help prepare them for the school year ahead.”

Willig offers parents the following tips to ease kids back into a reading and learning mindset:

• Make it entertaining: Reading should be fun. Let kids pick their own material to ensure the subjects engage them and help them develop a love of reading.

• Play games: Reading board games can be very useful in helping kids build their spelling, vocabulary and comprehension skills. Games can reinforce skills in ways that are fun and memorable, so concepts truly stick.

• Take advantage of free library programs: Many community libraries offer special programs for kids, particularly in the summer or weeks leading up to school. Beat the heat and take advantage of these opportunities whenever possible.

• Incorporate technology: There’s no denying it, children today are comfortable using all forms of technology, whether computers, tablets or smartphones. Getting kids to enjoy reading and to do it more often could be as simple as presenting it in a preferred medium. Many great books for kids of all ages are available digitally and provide interactive experiences that bring reading to life.

For example, Fusion Reading, a mobile learning app from McGraw-Hill Education, is a comprehensive, research-based reading intervention program for students in grades 6-12. It features interactive lessons and games to make reading fun, so struggling students can quickly become fluent, competent, and confident readers. To learn more about how educational games like Fusion Reading are helping kids get a jumpstart on literacy, or to buy the $0.99 mobile app visit

• Build on schoolwork: These tips can also be used when your child is back in school. For example, parents should stay involved with their children’s schoolwork to help them build on progress made throughout the school year. Many classrooms are improving the way reading is taught in order to make it fun, modern and interactive, while ensuring students meet state and national standards.

To help improve grades across the board, make reading a priority in your home. For greater success this school year and beyond, find opportunities to read that are fun, stress-free and engaging.

PHOTO SOURCE: (c) Rob Lewine – Image Source