LETTER: This violence must end and must end now



Re: This Violence Must End And Must End Now

This violence in our communities must end. We are beginning to look and act like a third world country.

Our children who want to succeed are being terrorized and feel that they must arm themselves, not against the police, but against the thugs and murders who roam our communities.

It’s not going to be pretty and could give the appearance of something from the past but we cannot allow this carnage to go on.

We are destroying generations of our youth and young adults by not acting.

Once these thugs and murders are brought to justice, then, and only then can we truly begin the rebuilding of our families, and our communities. What’s happening in Baltimore and the nation is sickening.

A young man from my community was stabbed to death, in broad daylight on July 26, 2016. I watched him grow into manhood. And this is not the first young man I have known personally, to have died an unnatural and tragic death.

Together we stand as one united people of African ancestry.

Larry C. Smith


Look Forward My Brother

Baltimore, MD