Diamonds in the Rough: Local organization seeks to promote unity and sisterhood


Every two weeks, a group of young women ranging in age from heir 20s to 30s, come together to promote unity and self-esteem, and to help those who are less fortunate. The group is called Diamonds in the Rough, and was founded by Prince Georges County native Tekoa Lucas.

“Our mission is encouraging young women to uphold themselves and others,” said Lucas who started the organization in 2014. “Diamonds in the Rough also seeks to teach women about having good self-esteem, setting goals, and revealing our self-worth and purpose in life.”

Tekoa Lucas is the founder of Diamonds in the Rough, which seeks to promote unity among young women.

(Courtesy photo)

Tekoa Lucas is the founder of Diamonds in the Rough, which seeks to promote unity among young women.

She added, “I started Diamonds in the Rough because I felt we lacked sisterhood and unity. I also thought it was important to start an organization that allowed its members to network and support one another. Sometimes, it takes more than one person for things to happen and for people to reach their goals. I believe it’s very important to have a sense of community and a shoulder to lean on.”

According to Lucas, members meet at her home located in the Windsor Mill area.

“We set goals when we meet,” said Lucas. “Then when we come back together, we discuss whether or not those goals were met. We also discuss a number of other topics, which include protecting ourselves against rape.”

She added, “We also have older women to come in and speak to us, which really helps. Many times, they have already gone through the things we are experiencing, and provide words of encouragement and wisdom to help us make it through.”

Lucas also discussed the organization’s efforts to help those in need.

“We go to Baltimore City and distribute things like socks, underwear, deodorant, toothbrushes, hair care products, and feminine products to the homeless,” said Lucas. “One guy asked for a bucket, and we got in for him. They basically need the same things we go to the store and buy, but they just can’t afford to get them. It’s very fulfilling to be able to help.”

Lucas, 26, is an entrepreneur, and owns a cleaning business called Preventative Maintenance LLC.

“The name Diamonds in the Rough represents making the most of wherever we are at the present moment,” she said. “I grew up in tough neighborhoods in both Baltimore and Los Angeles, but made the most out of the environment I was in, and made it through.”

Myia Anderson, 25 is a member of Diamonds in the Rough.

“I have been a member since 2014, and found out about Diamonds in the Rough on Facebook,” she said. “The group has really helped me. We do a lot for the community, which shows that we care. I feel good about that. I encourage other women to become a part of the group.”

The next meeting date for Diamonds in the Rough is August 8. The group can be found on Facebook under “Diamonds in the Rough.” For more information about joining the organization or making a donation to support their community efforts, call 443-799- 0293.