The pros and cons of Friday weddings


— Couples give a great deal of thought to the day they choose to get married. Many engaged couples are more attached to a particular season than a specific day, but some couples will consider any time of year to say “I do.”

Weather factors heavily into many couples’ decisions regarding when to get married. According to The Knot 2015 Real Weddings Study, 39 percent of the nearly 18,000 U.S. brides and grooms surveyed chose to get married in the months of September, October or November, three months of the year when the weather tends to be both predictable and pleasant.

But more and more couples are paying more mind to which day of the week to get married as well. While Saturday is widely considered the most traditional day to tie the knot, couples may want to consider walking down the aisle on Friday. Friday weddings can be just as enjoyable as Saturday weddings, but there are some pros and cons to choosing Friday over Saturday.


Perhaps the biggest advantage to getting married on a Friday is the cost. Wedding venues tend to be most expensive on Saturday because that’s when the majority of couples prefer to get married. While each venue is different, couples willing to get married on a Friday might find it far less expensive than getting married on a Saturday.

Another advantage to getting married on a Friday is the opportunity to spend more time with guests. Couples who get married on a Saturday tend to be busy most of Friday and Saturday, and that leaves little time to spend with their guests, many of whom will return home first thing on Sunday morning. But by getting married on a Friday, couples then have Saturday to spend with their guests, and they can even plan a laid back get-together like a backyard barbecue or Saturday brunch with guests who will likely stay in town through the weekend.


Likely because they are so extraordinary, Friday weddings may be less popular with guests. Bridal party members may be obligated to take two days off from work in order to make it to the rehearsal dinner on Thursday night, and that might not sit well with friends and family who do not have much vacation or personal time. Even guests who are not in the bridal party may need to take a day off from work that they otherwise can avoid taking if the wedding was scheduled for Saturday or even Sunday.

Couples also should know that Friday weddings tend to begin later at night, as it’s customary to start the ceremony in the evening so guests who have to work can still arrive on time. Couples inviting several elderly guests or children may find that these people miss the ceremony and/or reception because of the later start time.

Brides- and grooms-to-be may find their options with regard to venues and entertainment are more limited when they choose to get married on a Friday instead of a Saturday. Some venues may only host weddings on Saturdays, while entertainers like deejays or bands who work day jobs during the week may not be available on Friday nights.

Couples considering tying the knot on a Friday should consider a host of factors before making their final decision.