Get your grill on: Recipes from the family farm to your backyard


— Firing up the grill is an American tradition. The farm families who produce the food so many people enjoy at backyard cookouts want to share some of their favorite grilling recipes, as well as an appreciation for how food gets from the farm to the table.

Farmers like Amanda Folkens, from Iowa, Danell Kalcevic, from Colorado, and Nicole Small, from Kansas, have joined with more than 70 other farmer volunteers across the country in the CommonGround program as a way to talk with home cooks about how food is grown and raised.

“On our farm, animal care is top priority, as it is for thousands of other family farms in the U.S.” said Amanda. “By keeping our animals indoors, we make sure they are protected from predators, disease and bad weather.”

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Here are some of Amanda, Danell and Nicole’s favorite grilling recipes.

Safe Minimum Internal Temperatures

145°F Beef, pork, veal and lamb (roasts, steaks and chops)

160°F Ground meat

165°F Poultry (whole, parts or ground)