The key to better mosquito control? Take control of your backyard


— Warmer weather is a cue from Mother Nature to start thinking about mosquitoes. Their bites can potentially leave more than an annoying itch; and this year many Americans are taking notice.

In fact, nearly seven out of ten (68 percent) want to go a step beyond “just spraying their body,” including treating their deck areas or back yards, in order to combat mosquitoes, according to a recent survey by Westham Co., a global mosquito control product manufacturer.

To fully protect your family from mosquito bites this season, combine backyard smarts with scientifically-based mosquito control options. This one-two punch can eliminate breeding grounds and halt mosquitoes’ ability to bite, breed and annoy.

Start Early

Before mosquitoes settle in, make your backyard inhospitable to them. Clear standing water. Some mosquitoes need as little as an inch of water to breed and survive. Look for hidden water traps such as tires, candles and dog bowls left in the yard.

“Get ahead of pesky mosquitoes this summer,” says Tom Kraeutler, home improvement expert and host of syndicated radio show “The Money Pit.”

Try Something New

More than half of Americans (55 percent) say current solutions, such as tiki torches, yard sprays and foggers don’t work. Most DIY options either repel mosquitoes or kill on contact. Mosquitoes can adapt to commonly used chemicals and some of these can destroy “good” yard bugs.

After a decade of research, science has broken the mold with a bait-and-kill approach. Mosquitoes need sugar from plants to fly, mate and bite. Attractive Targeted Sugar Bait (ATSB) is the first edible control to lure mosquitoes with a sugary bait and then kill them with a gut toxin they cannot detect – garlic. Multiple studies support that once exposed to ATSB, backyard mosquito populations reduce by 90 percent within a few weeks.

Consider getting ahead of mosquitoes with a non-toxic control that feeds them something they’ll die for, such as Terminix AllClear Mosquito BAIT & KILL, which is the only ready-to-use, DIY spray to employ ATSB technology. And while deadly for mosquitoes, its natural active ingredient is non-toxic, safe around people and pets, and is environmentally friendly.

“I like the idea of a long lasting bait-and-kill approach that finally gives homeowners the power to kill mosquitoes before they can kill outdoor fun,” says Kraeutler. To learn more about the ATSB method of mosquito control, visit

Community Watch

Each year municipalities nationwide undertake efforts to control mosquitoes, but citizens can contribute by doing their part protecting their backyard and family. Clean up trash quickly and promptly. Patch screens or close doors to keep mosquitoes from flying indoors, and report areas of infestations. With a few extra steps you can take back your backyard and make it a fun haven all summer long.