MTA promotes June as National Safety Month


— To kick off June as National Safety Month, the Maryland Department of Transportation’s Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) is taking the opportunity to remind customers of some general safety tips while riding Local Bus, Light Rail, Metro Subway, MARC Train, Commuter Bus and Mobility/Paratransit:

·Wait at the designated area. You only can board buses and trains at designated MTA stops or stations.

·Walk. Do not run for the bus or train. Allow enough time to get to the appropriate stop or train station before the scheduled arrival time. Once the bus or train has pulled away, MTA operators are not allowed to stop for passengers. If you miss the bus or train, wait for the next one.

·Once on board, move to the center and take a seat where possible. Remember, allow people to get off before you board.

·Watch your step getting on or off the bus or train. Place your feet solidly on each step.

·Do not play on the bus or train. Disorderly conduct can lead to injuries or you being asked to leave the bus.

·Please do not smoke, eat or drink while traveling on MTA Local Bus, Light Rail or Metro Subway. It is prohibited.

·Keep cell phones and electronic devices secure.

·Stay alert. Be aware of your surroundings and the people around you. In an emergency, remain calm and follow the instructions from the operator/conductor or MTA Police. Listen to announcements and know locations of the emergency releases and exits.

·“If You See Something, Say Something.” Report any suspicious behavior, unsafe conditions or unattended packages to the operator or MTA Police or transit personnel.

“At the MTA, we are committed to providing our passengers with safe, efficient and reliable transit with world-class customer service,” said MTA Administrator/CEO Paul Comfort. “As one of the largest public transit systems in the country, we safely transport hundreds of thousands of passengers where they want to go every day. Safety is our first commitment and this month is an opportunity to highlight that focus”

As proof of this commitment, the MTA recently received top national honors for safety, security and customer service from the American Public Transportation Association.

When riding Local Bus, passengers are urged to:

·Stand at a safe distance from the curb.

·Hold on when standing.

·Do not stand in front of the yellow line.

·Keep aisles clear.

·Alert the bus operator that you are retrieving your bike.

And, on the rails:

·Do not trespass on Light Rail, Metro Subway or MARC Train tracks.

·Always stand behind the yellow safety strip while waiting for the train.

·When standing, always hold onto the railing while the train is in motion.

·Do not climb, sit, stand, walk or ride between rail or train cars.

·When riding station elevators, watch clothing, bags and personal items to ensure they don’t get caught in closing doors.

·Keep clothing and shoes away from the sides of moving escalators to keep loose items from getting caught.

·Since train time is anytime, do not attempt to retrieve an item if you drop it in the track way.

For more safety tips while riding the various modes of public transportation, visit