What is Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’?


— Beyoncé fans have been sipping on her “Lemonade” all weekend.

And by sipping we mean being super hyped over her postings about an HBO “world premiere event” titled “Lemonade,” which is coming April 23. But what exactly is it?

Here’s what we do know: Over the weekend, Beyoncé posted two videos on her Instagram account. The first one was a clip of a cornrowed Beyoncé resting her head on the hood of a car saying, “What am I gonna do love, what am I going to do?”

The second was a trailer for “Lemonade,” containing random scenes and voiceovers of Beyoncé saying things like, “The past and the present merge to meet us here,” “What are you hiding?” “Why can’t you see me?” and “You’re the love of my life.” Both the first clip and the trailer were also posted on YouTube.

Members of the Beyhive know that for months there has been chatter about “Project Lemonade,” which was said to coincide with her highly anticipated sixth album.

In February, the Twitter account “The Beyhive Team” tweeted “EXCLUSIVE: Album movie, alternate “Formation” video edit, and an album that will overwhelm you just listening to it! Just wait on it!”

There has also been lots of reading of the (lemon) tea leaves of Beyoncé’s social media, which has included several pictures with lemons.

Naturally, the Internet had tons of questions and theories, including whether “Lemonade” is a single or a movement.