Author/publicist Cherrie Woods shares 10 Key PR tips in new book


Self-published authors need the tools to compete in today’s saturated book market and public relations expert Cherrie Woods’ eagerly anticipated debut book “Where Do I Start? 10 PR Questions and Answers to Guide Self-Published Authors” fills the expertise gap for self-published authors.

Traditionally published authors have the support of their publisher’s staff to market their book however self-published authors, usually with no public relations expertise or budget; can find themselves in a quagmire when having to do their own marketing. Cherrie Woods offers 10 secret tips to lead self-published authors to success.

Woods, a fixture within the literary community, wrote “Where Do I Start?” based on frequently asked questions asked of her during her seminars, media appearances and consultations with budding authors. The book focuses on 10 key questions and answers along with pertinent PR information to give authors the competitive edge.

According to author Sheri Booker, “Writers owe it to themselves to make sure their book is visible. The best way to do that is to include marketing and PR in your budget from the very start.”

“Most self-published authors don’t want to read long books on the theory and practice of book publicity. They want to hit the ground running and often do. Unfortunately, most of the running tends to be in the wrong direction with no compass to guide them. My book is that compass,” says Woods.

Woods is a 15-year PR veteran who has done freelance work with visual artists, small businesses and nonprofits, and since 2010 with a variety of authors. She created the “Promoting Your Own Book” workshop, which later evolved into the book, Where Do I Start? 10 PR Questions and Answers to Guide Self-Published Authors, after receiving positive feedback from numerous audiences. This book is quick read that’s full of valuable information for authors who desire to learn the basics of doing their own public relations.

Sean Yoes, an award-winning local journalist says, “ When I was a young guy in my early 20’s striving to be hired as a professional storyteller, a Beverly Hills literary agent suggested I buy a book called, Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting, by perhaps the greatest screenwriting teacher of them all, Syd Field. Field’s cogent explanations based on professional experience made his narrative incredibly easy to follow and adhere to. Like Field’s, Cherrie Woods’ lucid instruction based on her professional experience makes her book a sure fire hit for anyone aspiring to publish their own work. Her advice is pragmatic and linear, it cuts to the chase; the perfect combination for those who have something to say and who are determined to be heard.”

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