Job hunting? What careers and skills are in greatest demand this year


— Understanding the evolving job market can help you focus your energy productively and land a coveted new job.

The recently released 2016 Hot Jobs List, published by Randstad US, one of the largest HR services and staffing companies in the United States, sheds light on important trends and predicts the jobs in greatest demand for the coming year. Some hot areas include information technology, human resources, finance and accounting, office and administration, engineering, and manufacturing and logistics. And there’s good news — experts say that across the board, job candidates can raise their expectations.

So what are the most in-demand jobs and skills needed to secure employment in these fields? Consider the following insights and predictions from the Randstad 2016 Hot Jobs study:

• Engineers will be highly sought after this year to support innovative technologies, especially in sectors that have not typically required engineering talent in the past, such as healthcare and entertainment.

• Technology will continue to transform finance and accounting, presenting a tremendous opportunity to elevate these types of roles. The key will be helping to shape company strategy through a comprehensive data approach.

• Organizations will likely gravitate toward human resource candidates with specific skills to cope with an increasingly complex workforce environment, particularly around critical matters such as talent acquisition and retention, succession and compensation planning and workforce engagement.

• There continues to be a lack of skilled information technology talent, particularly in industries that deal with the increasingly complex issues related to cyber risk and business compliance. Companies will continue to seek those with soft skills, like strong writing and communication abilities.

• As the economy continues to improve, manufacturing companies are expanding their businesses. This will require an increase in highly-skilled talent. With industry workforce shortages, employers will need to consider different ways to attract and retain talent.

• The administrative role continues to evolve, particularly as new technologies are introduced into workflows. Additionally, many organizations are coping with baby boomers retiring at a rapid pace by advancing current employees into more senior roles, rather than replacing the positions outright. These trends create great opportunity for administrative talent.

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With a little research and industry trend insight, you can achieve career success in 2016.