Michelle Obama on young Barack: ‘He was a bum’


— President Barack Obama has always been candid about his youthful transgressions — a history his wife referenced Tuesday when explaining anyone can become a high achiever.

“Barack fooled around in high school,” the first lady said on the BET talk-show “The Real” during a session focused on higher education.

“He didn’t take school seriously in high school. He barely got his work done. He was a bum! And it took him a second. He had to grow up a little bit,” she said.

Michelle Obama said her husband didn’t become serious about his education until he transferred to Columbia University during his second year of college.

Later, asked about any advice she’d give parents of apprehensive parents of college-bound kids, Michelle Obama offered a similarly blunt response.

“When they get to be 17, you’ll be like ‘Bye Felicia!'” she said to laughter.