Best-selling author’s true rags to riches story


She went from Welfare to Wall Street and from failing grades to running a successful publicly traded business and now Lisa Nichols is sharing her life story and the secrets to creating a life that is rich in every possible way.

Nichols, the founder and CEO of the training and development company “Motivating the Masses,” is releasing her latest book “Abundance Now: Amplify Your Life & Achieve Prosperity Today.”

“I was so determined to write this book and I wrote it between November [2014] and March,” Nichols said. “I wrote it by the moonlight and the crack of dawn because I didn’t have time during the day.”

Unlike many writers and authors, Nichols says she didn’t have that internal tug of war with her thoughts. She had been interviewed many times and questions about her journey from Welfare to the boardroom usually dominated the discussion so it was easy to chronicle that story and even easier to weave in helpful information to help others get on the path to a life of abundance.

The 336-page tome published by Dey Street Books focuses on the areas of life that must be refined to bring true abundance, including enrichment, engagement and endowment, according to Nichols.

Readers are presented the framework upon which a fulfilled life is built and “Abundance Now” contains thought-provoking lessons, actionable plans, real-life stories, and makes clear what must be done each day to open the door to a life of richness. Nichols also writes candidly about her experience and notes how the course of her life changed forever after taking a long look into the eyes of her son, Jelani.

“When my son was born and even before he was born I was standing in the public assistance line on Century Boulevard in Los Angeles with tears streaming down my face recognizing that I literally couldn’t take care of my baby,” Nichols said.

“That level of pain, humiliation and shame was only beat out by the time when Jelani was eight months old and I didn’t have money to buy Pampers,” she said. “I went to the ATM machine to get $20 and I only had $11 in the bank and I had to wrap my son in a towel.”

That was her turning point, Nichols said.

“That’s when I said ‘I’m done with being here,’” she said. “That was in 1995 and I looked at my son and told him that he didn’t have to worry about mommy being broke again.”

Nichols says she began to hunt for information because she knew that wealth isn’t necessarily limited to just a few, but is available to all who pursue it the right way.

“I wanted to go to the education places, I borrowed books and begged my way into conferences,” Nichols said. “I realized that my human spirit, my tenacity wasn’t measured by the balance in my bank account.”

Now available at and other sellers, the book arrives in stores on January 5, 2016. With its release, Nichols says she is committed to motivational speaking and other tours and engagements to promote the message that everyone can live a life of abundance.

“I’m committed to helping to transform one million lives over the next three years,” she said. “I’ll do live events, free retreats, abundant life commercials and even an abundant life movie.”