Justin Tucker performs at Catholic Charities Christmas Festival


Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker has come through many times in the clutch for the team. This week he came through in the clutch for the community. One thing that has always been a factor for Tucker has been his religion. Tucker is a practicing Catholic.

Not many NFL players can sing opera style music and do it well enough to be asked to perform. Tucker has already sung opera in a Royal Farms commercial that aired earlier this year. He can sing in seven different languages including: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Latin and Russian.

Tucker developed his ability to sing when he majored in recording technology at the University of Texas. While there, he studied under Professor Nikita Storojev, a renowned opera singer. His teammates get a kick out of his rare ability and have asked him to sing for them during training camp.

He was required to take voice lessons for his degree and soon after, Tucker discovered that is was something he loved to do. What started as a requirement for his degree has blossomed into a form of therapy or Tucker.

“When I sing, everybody just disappears for the moment,” Tucker said. “Everyone looks for that release, that outlet. It’s what I like to do.”

The Ravens kicker can add another performance feather to his cap. Tucker performed at the Catholic Charities Christmas Festival and Concert on Thursday. The Christmas Festival has been a mainstay during the holiday season for more than 20 years. Tucker joined the Concert Artists of Baltimore and soloist Lara Bruckmann on the concert program.

The event is a fundraiser in which proceeds benefit a Catholic Charities program. This year, the proceeds will support Gallagher Services, a program for adults with intellectual disabilities.

Adding Tucker to the program will surely help to raise more funds for the charity program. Executive Director Bill McCarthy is very excited about having Tucker on the program.

“Each year, the Christmas Festival offers an evening of beautiful music during the Christmas season, and also helps Catholic Charities raise money to provide care and critical services to our brothers and sisters in need throughout Maryland,” McCarthy said. “We are especially thrilled and grateful to have Justin Tucker as guest performer this year, lending both his amazing talent as a singer and his support for the work of Catholic Charities.”

Catholic Charities provides human services to those in need in the Maryland area. This includes children and family assistance, immigrants, senior citizens, people living in poverty, and individuals with intellectual disabilities.

According to their website, “Catholic Charities is inspired by the Gospel mandates to love, serve and teach, the more than 80 programs of Catholic Charities improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of Marylanders each year. Catholic Charities continues a legacy of charity and compassion that began with the establishment of the Catholic Church in Baltimore in 1789.”

For more information on Catholic Charities, visit www.catholiccharities-md.org.