Author pens book to help women live fearlessly


Masterfully crafted by Tiana Nicole, “You’re Not the Boss of Me: Goodbye Fear, Hello Success” is the latest in a long line of successful books for the author, marking a radical shift from fiction to female empowerment. Helping every woman discover her innate power and worth, Nicole’s latest masterpiece is poised to resonate across the nation with an uplifting message that will help any woman identify fears, quash them and succeed in life with gusto.

Author Tiana Nicole

Author Tiana Nicole

Looking back on her life, Tiana Nicole is amazed at how much she has achieved considering she wasn’t raised by her biological parents. Under the care of her late great grandmother from a very early age, the odds were truly stacked against her to be successful. Try telling that to her now— she has a degree in Computer System Technology; a degree in Psychology; and a Master’s in Business Management. Oh yes, she’s also a hugely popular author!

This unlikely success comes from Tiana’s ability to face her fears head-on and turn them into opportunities, a skill she knows millions of other women struggle with every day.

“You’re Not the Boss of Me: Goodbye Fear, Hello Success” is the author’s manifesto for every woman on the planet. It’s a bold reminder that manifesting dreams is within the grasp of anyone.

With “You’re Not the Boss of Me,” Tiana Nicole reveals the value of women determining the tools needed to face fear–the unpleasant emotion all women have to find the courage to conquer.

Because fear is the opposite of desire, Tiana Nicole reveals to women how the beast of fear can cripple their dreams. “You’re Not the Boss of Me,” has an important message meant to modify the way women cope with fear in order to achieve the ultimate success.

“To date my three novels have been very much along the lines of “chick lit,” with gripping stories ripped right from my imagination. But as someone who believes to the core of my being that every woman has a purpose well within her grasp, I decided to pen my next book to speak directly to the hearts of women around the world,” explains Tiana. “But I’ll also admit that most women struggle to see their potential and require empowerment to peel back the layers of fear and defeat. That’s my goal with this latest volume – to help women block fear and elevate their success to a level they could have never imagined.”

“You’re Not the Boss of Me: Goodbye Fear, Hello Success” is available at or The ebook version can be purchased for $3.99 and the paperback for $12.99.

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