Mindful Madina: The freshman year of adulthood


There are basic things that everyone needs to learn to operate in the world. Regardless of where you live or what language you speak, you should know your do’s and don’ts. For example, don’t run with scissors, but do wash your face in the morning. However, by the time one turns 23, there are some lessons that need to be learned if haven’t already.

•Learn how to take someone to court. You never know when you may end up with a landlord that’s a jerk.

•You learn a lot by helping others. Even though it seems like the benefit is only theirs, it is just as much yours.

•Learn how to unclog a bathtub with a snake. There will be a day when there is no one there to help you.

•Remember to appreciate the experience of life. Although none of us asked to be born, we were, and our time on earth is limited.

•Remember to trust the universe. You receive what you put out. Positive energy leads to positivity.

•Go on a cross-country road trip. Nothing teaches you better than experiences themselves.

•Honesty is always the best policy. Although the lie you’ve come up with might seem like a life saver. It will only make your situation worse in the end. You stand more comfortably with the truth and you have less to worry about afterwards.

•Sometimes friends tell you the truth and it isn’t what you want to hear. A real friend will tell you what is best for you and how to improve your situation. Keep these jewels around.

•Putting things off and procrastinating doesn’t get you out of doing things you don’t want to do. Either way, what is due is due. It is your decision to produce good quality in the time that was given or bad quality in a short use of time.

•Going out four nights a week can’t last forever. You either just finished college or you are on your way out. Taking shots and dancing on tables like you did freshman year should be done occasionally at this point. Leave that stuff for birthdays.

•Making sure you are happy should always come first. If you have not figured out your purpose in life yet, at least make sure you are happy in any decision that you make.

•You don’t suddenly become a grown up and have a “Friends” style apartment in the city waiting for you. Living at home is very likely for young adults. Do not feel ashamed; however, start working towards your goals so you don’t get too comfortable.

•Binge-watching television IS a hobby. Thanks to Shonda Rhimes, people of all ages are staying in on Saturday nights with popcorn and the remote instead of heels and martinis. Don’t feel badly, you are not alone.

•Gut instinct is usually right. You know that weird feeling you get sometimes when you’re not sure about something or you just feel like something is not quite right? That is your gut instinct— ALWAYS follow your gut.

•Friends come and go. Do not take it personally, people get so caught up in their lives and success that sometimes they forget about those who helped and supported them. It is just a part of life.

•Twenty-three is also the age when most people meet their spouse. If you’ve got a rotation going on, you might want to start thinking about dating down.

•Your environment matters— you will become the people you spend the most time with, so choose wisely.

•Hard work can get you far, but being smart can almost always get you further.

•The value of a college education is solely dependent upon the person going through it. Make it worth your while if you’re going to invest in it.

•People are what they don’t reveal. Whenever you meet someone, it is likely that you are meeting their representative and not the real them. The real “them” will come around in a few weeks. Be honest and pay attention.

•Your life is but a series of decisions. You can want to do everything (work out, eat healthy, have perfect relationships) but the happenings of life will get in the way. Don’t define yourself by what you endure, but how you react.

Madina Tall is a Public Relations major at Morgan State University. She will be a regular contributor to The Baltimore Times with a column best described as mindful thoughts, advice and stories directed to the yearning youth.