Laurence Hurst Art Exhibition opens at James E. Lewis Museum of Art


The James E. Lewis Museum of Art is pleased to present an exhibition entitled “Promenades & Reveries: The Art of Laurence Hurst” featuring works by renowned artist Laurence Hurst, a Baltimore artist whose career spans four decades until December 8, 2015.

The exhibition features a variety of styles ranging from abstract expressionism to realism. Art critics at major national and International magazines including: ARTnews Magazine and the Smithsonian’s Vision Magazine compared some of Hurst’s works to those of Picasso, Chagall and Matisse.

Curated by Dr. Diala Toure, the exhibition Promenade & Reveries: The Art of Laurence Hurst showcases forty works by Hurst. With an exquisite international flavor, Hurst’s most significant artworks created both in France and in America brilliantly demonstrate the artist’s vibrancy in choice of themes, styles and palette.

The 1971 painting Night Dreams was pivotal in the transformation of Hurst’s style from realism to figurative and abstract expression. Original artworks include: Ciera (2015); The Blue Vason (1972) and The Ascension of Jesus Christ with Seven Angels (2010); Angel of Lost and Found Children (1990), Angel of Sound (1998), Angel of Flowers and herbs (1998) Angel of Flight (1998), Angel of Quiet (1991), Reclined Nude (1997), The Picnic (1997), The Green Nude (1996), The Blue Vason (1972), Pink Nude (1996), Sleeping Beauty and many others. The exhibition also features the unforgettable Paris Blue (1991) executed in France where Hurst spent over ten years.

Accompanying the exhibition is an illustrated brochure offering new insights on Hurst’s philosophy about his artwork.

Promenades & Reveries: The Art of Laurence Hurst at the James E. Lewis Museum of Art is supported by Howard County Center of African American Culture, Inc., Eli Barber of Barber Transportation, Inc., the State of Maryland, J.D. Howard Photography, Baltimore Times Newspapers, and Morgan State University.

The James E. Lewis Museum of Art is located in the Murphy Fine Arts Center on the campus of Morgan State University located at 2201 Argonne Drive in Baltimore City. The exhibition is available during Museum hours and is free and open to the public. Associated information can be found at: ttp://

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