Taking a closer look at the Chris Canty Foundation


Many Baltimore Ravens players are very involved in helping out in the community. Defensive lineman Chris Canty is no exception— he has his own charitable foundation.

The Chris Canty Foundation mission statement says,“The programs and initiatives we implement are structured to ‘empower youth’ to grow academically, physically and socially so they can realize their true potential.”

The programs include youth leadership conferences; fitness camps,; holiday giveaways; cleanup programs and reading programs.

The youth leadership conferences are held twice a year. The conferences address many of the issues that affect young people on a daily basis. The goal is to develop leadership qualities within high school students that will extend beyond graduation.

Students are given the opportunity to take part in question and answer discussions that help identify healthy relationships, conflict resolution, mental/physical abuse, healthy eating and social media safety.

The Reading Buddies program was established to give young people an opportunity to interact with positive role models in the community. They participate in various activities that show them the strength of teamwork. The program helps them learn how to develop healthy relationships and improve their self-esteem.

The Chris Canty Camp of Champions was founded in 2007. It is a non-contact football camp that teaches kids the basic fundamentals of football, as well as life skills such as teamwork, communication and sportsmanship. The camp has a number of activities that give the youth a chance to compete.

The foundation also runs a program called Cleanup for Change that gives youth an opportunity to serve their community. They learn about the importance of recycling and having a green community. The program reinforces the responsibility that we all have to preserve and protect our environment. Young people are invited to take part in volunteer experiences that develop self-esteem and a positive self-image. They work with adult mentors and learn that taking pride in the community uplifts everyone.

The holiday giveaways provided by the foundation take time to feed families that are in need during Christmas and Thanksgiving. Canty’s foundation gave away 53 turkey dinners at last year’s Thanksgiving giveaway. They also hosted a number of families for a full dinner in Baltimore. Canty and his teammates served the food to the families.

The Christmas giveaway program provides children who are less fortunate with gifts for the holidays. This allows them to experience the joy of Christmas by receiving gifts that many may not have been able to receive otherwise. Youth volunteers are encouraged to take part in the giveaways. This shows them that there is more to Christmas than receiving gifts. They learn that there is plenty of joy in giving as well.

Chris Canty has been with the Ravens for three years and is one of the team’s most impactful players within the community. His foundation is active in Charlotte and New York as well as Baltimore. More information about the foundation is available at: http://www.chriscantyfoundation.org/.