Ray Lewis discusses Atlanta murders, Baltimore riots in new memoir


There are few athletes who have the motivational ability that Baltimore Ravens legend Ray Lewis does. Lewis has been through some of the highest moments in life as well as the lowest. He touches on all of those moments in his newly released book, “I Feel Like Going On: Life, Game, And Glory.”

In the book, he talks about one of the darkest times in his life, when he was accused of murder. Lewis will forever be linked to the unsolved mystery that occurred in Atlanta when two men were stabbed to death outside of a nightclub.

He recalls the story in a chapter of the book, simply called “Atlanta” He offers his own side of the story and shares some things that have gone untold.

Lewis explains what happened that night and that he was shocked when he realized the limo he was in was being connected to the murders.

Lewis also tells the story of redemption when he led the 2000 Ravens to their first Super Bowl victory. Fans in other cities called him a murderer when he took the field that season and many people protested when he was found not guilty. Through it all, Lewis kept his eyes on the prize and used the experience to build character.

Growing up wasn’t he easiest thing for Lewis. The book tells the story of how as a youngster he watched his mother suffer from abuse.

Lewis says he still carries a deck of cards to this day to remind him of how he coped with the anger that he felt when he witnessed the abuse. He would turn each card over and do pushups according to the number that was on the card. He would do ten pushups for every face card that he turned over.

Lewis has been a pillar of the Baltimore community, even after retirement. He led the Ravens into the community immediately after the riots after the death of Freddie Gray.

Lewis writes about how his city was turned upside down after the young man died in the custody of the Baltimore Police Department.

In a chapter called, “Postgame: My City is Burning,” Lewis describes how he was out in the community preaching the message of peace and patience. He worked to discourage the people from rioting in street.

There are few athletes who have the effect that Ray Lewis has had on the Baltimore. The two will forever be connected.