Tips for smarter shopping


— Whether you’re in the market for the newest gadget or stocking up on sports goods for the whole family, getting the most bang for your buck is top of mind for many families.

But obtaining those quality, dependable products you need at the best price can be tricky. With so many shopping outlets available – from online stores to physical locations – it can be difficult to know if you’re getting the product that suits your needs at a price that fits within your budget. The following tips help consumers go into a store educated, so they can stretch their dollar and get exactly what they’re after.

Plan it out. Knowing exactly what you want before you shop will help you avoid overspending on extra things you don’t need. Ask around to see if friends, family or co-workers have experience with the product and what they recommend. Research the products you want and have a specific model in mind before you buy and you’ll avoid leaving a store or submitting your online cart with items you may later regret buying.

Invest in your new merchandise. Whether it’s a drop, spill or other mishap, life has a way of ruining your favorite goods. Protect your investment with a coverage plan such as SIMPLR, which is a consumer-friendly, hassle-free way to protect your products if they should stop working. The plan also covers sporting goods such as treadmills, golf clubs, sunglasses and other purchases from your local Sports Authority store, so you can always be sure to have what you need for your next outdoor adventure.

Become familiar with Internet tools. Various sites and apps are available to help you find the best deals around. Before you buy, it’s important to review ratings for the product – from both consumers like you and professional reviewers. Many sites also allow you to comparison shop for items. Download these apps on your smartphone so you can compare prices while you’re out and about scoping out deals.

Know your seller. Understand the refund, return and warranty policies from the seller before you make your purchase. Do you have protection in case the item breaks? Some retailers, such as Sports Authority offer SIMPLR, a coverage plan that makes the process of returning a broken product easy with no deductibles, out-of-pocket repair costs or additional fees. To learn more, visit

Shop mindfully. Because your emotions can sway your purchases, always make sure to shop when you’re in the right frame of mind. A rough day at work or an upset in your personal life may cause you to indulge with an “I deserve this” mentality.

Finding exactly what you need at the price that fits your budget comes with the right planning, research and tools. Become a smarter shopper and you’ll never have to sacrifice quality on all the things you need for all of your daily adventures.