BGE delivers Marvel comic books to area elementary schools


— Baltimore Gas and Electric Company (BGE) in partnership with Marvel Custom Solutions recently announced that they will be distributing comic books entitled “Iron Man featuring Captain Mercaptan, A Natural Team!” and lesson plans to public and private elementary school students in BGE’s service area. Captain Mercaptan is BGE’s natural gas safety hero who provides simple tips to children and their families about natural gas safety. In the comic book, Captain Mercaptan teams with Marvel’s Iron Man to teach kids how to recognize a natural gas leak and what steps to take when you smell gas.

Captain Mercaptan’s name is derived from “mercaptan,” a safety additive that BGE and other utilities put in natural gas to give it a distinctive rotten egg odor that makes gas easier to detect. The super hero and his safety sidekicks were designed by elementary school students through a BGE contest. Marvel Custom Solutions has now taken BGE’s super hero to a new level, with a visual, exciting story to help children learn about natural gas safety.

“Marvel is bringing its track record for captivating and inspiring kids to help our own super hero teach children about natural gas safety, said Christie McMullen, vice president of Gas Distribution, BGE. “We are pleased to offer this powerful learning tool to schools and parents to help us deliver on our commitment to safety.”

Captain Mercaptan teaches children that they can be a hero too if they follow these simple safety tips:

*Use your nose. Mercaptan is a safety scent that BGE puts in natural gas to give it a rotten egg smell.

*Use your ears. Listen for the hissing sound of escaping gas.

*Use your eyes. Look for dirt being blown into the air, dead plants or grass in otherwise green areas, fire coming from the ground or water bubbling and being blown into the air.

*If you detect natural gas, leave immediately.

*Don’t attempt to detect the source of the leak.

*Don’t use matches or turn anything on (including a cell phone).

*Find a safe place outside and call BGE or have an adult call 1.800.685.0123.

For more information about the Captain Mercaptan contest, including future adventures, visit: Gas safety tips are available at BGE also has a companion contest for electric safety, the BGE Wires Down Video Challenge, running now schools to create their own adaptation of BGE’s “Wires Down” electric safety commercial for a chance to win up to $10,000. Visit for the contest timeline and more information.