College Bound: Make your personal space pop


— Academics aside, gearing up for college is a big job. Whether you’re headed to the dorms or sharing an apartment or house with friends, making your surroundings comfortable and functional will let you focus on your studies. From cozy bedding to help you catch your zzzz’s to the right technology for cramming to storage space that makes the most of your cramped quarters, show your smarts by decking out your living space right so you can turn your attention to hitting the books and having some fun.

Clean Up and Customize— Need extra storage in addition to your current closet setup? The Closet Maximizer from ClosetMaid is a tool-free solution that you can install in about 30 minutes. It features four shelves and an adjustable double, hang rod. Customize your system with accessories like fabric bins and wire baskets. The best part— you can reuse the Closet Maximizer in a different room, or even take it with you if you move. Available exclusively at

Sleep in Style— Your bed may be the last thing on your mind as you think of all the excitement that awaits but getting plenty of sleep is key to your success in college. Amp the appeal of your dorm-issue mattress with stylish and comfy bedding that reflects your personality. Look for quality threads you can snuggle into, and coordinate with funky pillows to make your bed a cozy place to sit and study by day. Shop for great deals at your local retailers or online.

Key Your Way to Success— From tapping out notes in class to papers that keep you up all night to keeping in touch with family back home, your laptop is likely to be a constant companion. A mid-range CPU will give you the speed to keep up. When it comes to memory and hard drive storage, your major may dictate how much you need, especially if you work with large files on a regular basis. Remember to consider size and weight for portability, and invest in a model that can withstand some wear and tear. A sales associate at an electronics retailer can guide you to your perfect match.