Back-to-Campus time and money saving tips


— Moving to campus can be a fun and exciting time for any student, but it can also be costly. There are several ways to save on all the things your student will need to make his or her dorm a home away from home.

To get on the right track for a successful year at college, check out these tips from the discount experts at Dollar General.

Do Your Homework

Many colleges provide online resources and virtual tours of dorms to give you an idea of what is provided, what you’ll need to bring, and what items are prohibited by the school. Reach out to future roommates and decide together what household items can be shared, like a coffee maker, microwave or TV.

Make the Dorm Home

After a long day of classes, a dorm should feel like going home. Personalize the living space with matching bedding, décor and other linens. Retailers like Dollar General offer a large variety of affordable, trendy dorm fashions to make rooms unique and personalized. You can also stock up on favorite snacks and quick meal items for more enjoyable study sessions.

Find the Sales

Start the school year right with new school supplies. Stock up on notebooks, highlighters, pens and pencils for studying. Students will stay better organized with a day planner, calendar or dry erase board to keep assignments and due dates in check.

Back-to-campus sales can often provide the best bang for your buck on such essentials. Take advantage of extra savings with digital coupons and auto-renewal programs to save even more money and stay stocked on campus essentials. Auto-renewals can provide quick delivery to your address, saving time better spent studying.

Back-to-campus is upon us. Save time and money while getting prepared.