Maddox family named 2015 Gordon Johnson ‘Siblings of the Year’


Al Maddox describes the printing business as being in his family’s blood. His grandfather, Gabriel B. Maddox Sr., under the guidance of Booker T. Washington, was the first instructor in printing and established the first printing shop in Tuskegee, Alabama before coming to Baltimore and opening a small family owned print shop in 1907.

“We have a rich history of being involved in the industry. Each and every project we’re involved in is very special to us and it represents what we do as it relates to quality and the time put into it,” said Maddox, who along with five of his relatives have been named “Siblings of the Year,” by Baltimore’s Neighbor to Family, Inc, an organization whose goal is to revolutionize foster care by keeping siblings together while building healthier families and stronger communities.

Neighbor to Family’s signature service provides evidence-based, specialized foster care to sibling groups. Special emphasis is given to achieving permanency goals for children within 12 months of placement.

The organization notes that there are nearly 500,000 children in foster care in the United States and between 65 percent and 85 percent enter care with at least one sibling. It is also estimated that only 25 percent of these children are placed with all their siblings.

Neighbor to Family places siblings in a single home and hold birth parents accountable for the long-term well being of their children while planning for permanency is a consistent effort.

“My sister and I had the opportunity recently to tour the Neighbor to Family facility and it was amazing,” Maddox said. “Nothing can have more priority than taking care of kids.”

Brenda Maddox says Neighbor to Family possesses similar values that have been instilled in her family members.

“People are amazed that the six of us can work together in harmony. So many people ask how you can work with your family all day long without running in to problems,” Brenda Maddox said. “We were reared to be close friends and we all bring different areas of expertise to the family business and we’re so glad that we have this opportunity to express our gratitude to our clients.”

The Maddox siblings which include Al, Brenda, Daniel, Wayne, Gregory and Lisa Maddox-Jordan, will be honored during a dinner on Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at The Forum Caterers on Primrose Avenue in Baltimore.

A Neighbor to Family spokesperson says the Maddox siblings display outstanding examples of family values and their printing business has won four print quality awards from the Printing and Graphics Association of the Mid-Atlantic, most recently in 2010.

“We have so much to be proud of, but most of all, we exist to serve our customers by bringing heart and soul to the job every single day,” Lisa Maddox said.

“When we found out that we were nominated, then selected as the siblings of the year, I immediately looked forward to [the dinner] as an excellent opportunity to express our gratitude to our Mother Letitia and Uncle Frank as well as to honor the memory of our Father Al,” said Brenda Maddox.

Just six years ago, Al Maddox became the first African-American to serve as the chairman of the board of any print trade association in the United States when he assumed the position in the Printing and Graphics Association of the Mid Atlantic.

Today, Time Printers— the family business— is constantly challenging itself to stay on the cutting edge of the industry’s standards without giving up their personal touch, the siblings said, noting that they offer their clients the newest technology while at the same time adhering to their extensive history and timeless traditions.

“That’s our daily vision and objective,” Al Maddox said. “We’re so fortunate and it’s the effort we put into our clients that leads to repeat business. We love the work we do.”